Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally Finished!

I'm back!
I have been quite busy since I've been gone.

I have been crocheting a lot and finally finished this afghan that I started in 2009. I had finished all of the squares last week and was determined to finally finish it and give it to its intended recipient. I made this one for Sarah Schermerhorn, who is the mother of two of my oldest friends. She made us a lovely quilt and I wanted to do something for her. I think she really likes it and I'm pleased with the outcome too.

I am also starting on the third hat of three that are late Christmas gifts for my Brother and his family. I really, really like this pattern (its free!) and may have to make one of these for myself too. I will post pics of all the finished hats once they are in the hands of my family members.

I'll share more of what I have been up to soon.


Unknown said...

SO beautiful. You did a wonderful job!

I love the colors and flow

Kathleen xx

Amrita said...

I absolutely love your items..they are lovely.

Beatrice said...

I adore you pieces and this blog! I'm a jewellery maker myself and it is so lovely to see such an inspirational blog here! thank you so much! x

please do follow me!

Ashley said...

Thank you all!