Friday, January 28, 2011

Cleaning Out

fire agate

I started cleaning out around my studio area a couple of days ago and came across the treasures. The Mexican Fire Agate was given to me by a wonderful customer and I had totally forgotten that I had it. I don't remember realizing how beautiful it was when I received it.
The tiny bottles were in a box of found objects that I collected from my mom's stash several years ago. I filled the middle one with some Mexican Fire Opal chips that I inherited from my Pawpaw. I am not sure where or how he collected those, or if he purchased them, but I always remember a jar of them next to his easy chair along with another rock that he called a dinosaur egg. Those little opal chips came out of the bigger jar that was his and the whole collection is very precious to me. In fact, Ann Jenkins included one in a necklace that she made or me. The tiny geode must have come from Pawpaw too, though I'm not sure when I acquired it. I love this little collection in my window sill, it makes me smile and think of my Pawpaw.


Karen said...

Oh I loved your Pawpaw--he had a tremendous mustache to go along with his lively spirit.

Ashley said...

Thanks Karen! He certainly was a character and was loved by many. We miss him a lot.

Loris Glassworks said...

Hi Ashley,
I just took a peek at your Etsy shop; your shop is lovely and your work is stunning. Best Wishes for a successful year using Etsy.

Loris Glassworks said...
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Ashley said...

Thanks so much Lori!