Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Big Girl Walking! You may have wondered where I disappeared to. I spent two precious weeks with this little cutie, my niece, in California. We took morning walks, watched her go from barely taking steps to a pretty confident walk, while throwing the ball no less. We enjoyed some beautiful fall weather, and my mom and I dashed into San Fransisco for a night, more on that later!

So I'm back, but I am busy. I'm in a wedding next weekend and am hosting a bachelorette party for said bride tomorrow night. There are lots of craft projects going on around here and I'm really enjoying them. I got a new printer (hallelujah!) and will share my craftiness here soon as well. Bye for now, I'll post more next week.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snaps from Bayou City

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

I had a great show in Houston this past weekend! The crowds really came out, especially on Saturday and everyone was very supportive and engaged. I was so lucky to have my wonderful parents there for support and help with setting up and manning the show. I really don't know how I could do these shows without their generous help.

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

I had electricity at this show, and though the crowds had died off completely after dark, I think they came in handy anyways since we were under a tree. If I get into this show again I will request the same booth space. I'm really pleased with how my booth is looking, I only wish I had gotten a photo of this set up without my name in it because that is not allowed in jury shots. I didn't change too much this time, only new banners, lights, and using one double-decker plexi case on each table.

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

I'm really happy with my new banners! By the way, I sold the embroidered pendant pictured on the right side.

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

My newest designs, torch fired enameled earrings.

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

Mom helped me make these little necklace bust displays last week and I think they look really nice.

My booth at Bayou City in Houston

Thanks Houston for welcoming me back and for all your support!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Waiting to set up

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

Finished and photographed...

We are in Houston and just waiting to set up my booth this evening. I have taken this time to photograph the pieces that I finished last minute and didn't have time to take proper photos of. I had to get images just in case they sell this weekend. As usual I am doing last minute things like putting earwires on earrings and cleaning up all my jewelry. I am so ready and excited for this show. Come out and see us if you are in the Houston area, I'm in booth 477 at Bayou City.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weather forecast for Bayou City

Woohoo! No Rain! Not too hot! I can handle this and hopefully the crowds will come out. Maybe my first big show with no rain.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrapping up

I have been busy wrapping things up for my show this weekend in Houston, Bayou City Art Festival (booth 477). I am a bit nervous, this being my biggest show so far, but mostly ecxited. It helps that I have been working on my booth and displays for a couple of years now and didn't have to worry about that too much. I will have electricity for the first time and at the suggestion of a fellow Etsy Metal member I'm just going with the cheapo clamp lights. I had considered investing in track lighting but decided to save that for later.

So my booth is ready and I have been able to just have fun working on whatever I wanted. I have two large pieces that I am trying to finish up and lots of torch fired enamel earrings that I have had fun making. Another Etsy Metal member mentioned recently that she was just trying to have fun with her jewelry, and that really hit home with me. It is easy to lose the fun when you are making the same thing over and over, and what's the point if its not fun?! I'm using that as my mantra from now on:
Have fun and remember that you love what you do!

Here are some snapshots from my workbench
Coming together
I have to fire this big guy ONE - MORE - TIME (hopefully the last)

I pierced out the back to show off the pretty Sea Green translucent enamel that I used.

A few of the enamel earrings and my two big pieces waiting for clean up.
works in progress

More enamel earrings, I want all the colors now!
Enamel earrings

The weather here has been absolutely PERFECT for a couple of weeks. I am sticking my head in the sand and just assuming that it will be like this in Houston (sunny and highs in the upper 70's). Foolish, I know, as I need to plan for what to wear this weekend. I grew up in Houston and know that humidity is a big factor there. Surely it won't be as miserable as Texas Metal Arts was, that was a month ago after all, and surely it has cooled off in South Texas by now! I guess I better check the forecast.

I'm also hopeful that the wonderful weather will hold out here as I haven't been able to enjoy it since I have been at the workbench so much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My cozy space

My offce

Last week I was searching for help while attempting to make my first prong setting. I turned to Jewelry Concepts and Technology, the awesome book that was a college graduation gift from my parents. My office are is still not complete. I don't want to move my computer to the desk until I put up a curtain on that window. Despite all that I loved the glow of my yellow lamp and the ease and comfort of perusing my jewelry design books at my new desk.

Jewelry design books

Ultimately I scrapped my prong setting. I had attempted my first prong with an opal clam shell, a soft stone with an uneven back. I realized after much help from Etsy Metal and flickr friends, that I was better safe than sorry and opted to make a bezel for the stone. I will try and share a picture of the finished pendant this week. Its crunch time now for Bayou City and I have lots of work to do.

still trying...