Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrapping up

I have been busy wrapping things up for my show this weekend in Houston, Bayou City Art Festival (booth 477). I am a bit nervous, this being my biggest show so far, but mostly ecxited. It helps that I have been working on my booth and displays for a couple of years now and didn't have to worry about that too much. I will have electricity for the first time and at the suggestion of a fellow Etsy Metal member I'm just going with the cheapo clamp lights. I had considered investing in track lighting but decided to save that for later.

So my booth is ready and I have been able to just have fun working on whatever I wanted. I have two large pieces that I am trying to finish up and lots of torch fired enamel earrings that I have had fun making. Another Etsy Metal member mentioned recently that she was just trying to have fun with her jewelry, and that really hit home with me. It is easy to lose the fun when you are making the same thing over and over, and what's the point if its not fun?! I'm using that as my mantra from now on:
Have fun and remember that you love what you do!

Here are some snapshots from my workbench
Coming together
I have to fire this big guy ONE - MORE - TIME (hopefully the last)

I pierced out the back to show off the pretty Sea Green translucent enamel that I used.

A few of the enamel earrings and my two big pieces waiting for clean up.
works in progress

More enamel earrings, I want all the colors now!
Enamel earrings

The weather here has been absolutely PERFECT for a couple of weeks. I am sticking my head in the sand and just assuming that it will be like this in Houston (sunny and highs in the upper 70's). Foolish, I know, as I need to plan for what to wear this weekend. I grew up in Houston and know that humidity is a big factor there. Surely it won't be as miserable as Texas Metal Arts was, that was a month ago after all, and surely it has cooled off in South Texas by now! I guess I better check the forecast.

I'm also hopeful that the wonderful weather will hold out here as I haven't been able to enjoy it since I have been at the workbench so much.


Unknown said...

I hope your show this weekend is fab! I have family in Houston and it has actually been really pleasant there lately as well! I hope you have good weather and sales! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for letting me know! I also just saw a tweet from the show that the weather is supposed to be awesome. Soooo glad!