Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Self Portraits from College

I found an old sketchbook from a college drawing class, circa '94 or '95. These four self portraits were in it, an assignment that I did. I used to love to draw. I rarely draw or paint anymore, I'm not sure why. I do occasionally draw out ideas for jewelry designs, but that is about it. Perhaps I just have too many other things that I want to create? Perhaps I should start drawing and painting again?

I'm not saying these are masterpieces, by any means, but it is neat to see them again.

There is lots more where this came from, and evidence of my one time passion for water color painting. I will share those soon.


• • Christine Terrell • • said...

Love these! It's always such a hoot finding old work. Did you apply for the Renegade here in Austin in May?? Hope so. . .

Hope your 2010 is going well so far!

Ashley said...

Thank you!
I didn't know about renegade, boo. I do have a couple of shows up here for May though.