Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making buttons

Yesterday was all about making my fabric covered buttons. I am having so much fun with these! The fabric came from my extremely generous mom and are mostly Japanese fabrics that she has gotten at quilt show in Houston over the years. One of these years I am going to have to go down with her because she always comes home with lots of neat stuff. I made all of these buttons and am now planning to do some with embroidery as well. You can see a few examples with stitches here, but I want to do a bunch more. These will become earrings, rings and pendants and I will have them at my shows in Austin.

These buttons are for some earrings that I am sending off to a show this week.

Testing out a new design. These have bezels on both sides and spin around. There are two sets of buttons going in them.

Some of those buttons were my Granny's, as well as some of the embroidery floss, which I severely need to organize.

Japanese fabrics

The finished buttons

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