Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Worth is beautiful!

I talked about mine and Frank's hike at the Fort Worth Nature Center in my post about the CCC. I wanted to share the rest of my pictures of our hike. We did the most difficult trail in the park, which isn't saying much, this is Texas after all. It was a good workout in a beautiful setting, however, and we do plan to go back to this place as often as the weather and our schedules will allow. There are also plenty of flat trails that are great for kids, and we want to take out nieces back with us.

The park is situated on Lake Worth and has trails all along the lake.

This time of year the blooming and growing things are smaller and less showy than in the spring. You really have to stop and slow down to appreciate these tiny beauties.

The broken glass was in the CCC ruin that we had our picnic at. Though trash is never cool, I found the shards to be beautiful.

This hill of stairs is the steepest one that we encountered. It is a little deceptive from the bottom and steeper than it looks!

At the top of the hill even Lucy was tired!

Frank wondered what this sign meant. I knew it was supposed to be a yucca plant, and commented that there must be a field of yuccas ahead.

And, there they were....

Unfortunately, Lucy thinks she is our pack leader, and pulls so hard that picture taking can be difficult. The pulling is a bit helpful when going up hills though!

The sight of falling leaves made me happy. However, I wish I could suspend this season and this perfect weather. I'm definitely not ready for the darkness of winter.

Almost to the end of the trail. Malta, my old lady, will be 14 this month. We have traveled the country together, and she is a wonderful companion. Frank never knew he could love a dog until Malta and I came into his life!


Lorena Angulo said...

Wow !!! I love the place and your pictures are awesome !!!!

Amy Nicole said...

I live in Grapevine and never knew such beauty was so close. I'll have to load up the kids and go check it out!

Ashley said...

Thanks Lorena!
Amy, I found this trail in a book called "60 hikes within 60 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth". It is an awesome book, and acuatlly lists lots of places around your area.

Unknown said...

what a lovely hike! your pictures are great - I love the one that Lucy added motion to! :) I hope the weather holds so you can explore some more beautiful trails soon.

ArtAfterDark said...

Great photos...your dogs are adorable. My Dalmation, Oreo, is also a "pack leader" (in her dreams). Lake Worth is wonderful this time of year. So much color and wildlife.