Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lander Shorts = Pants Making Goal Reached

I know, I know, I claimed that I had conquered my pants making fear with Flint a while back. While my Flint pants fit and are gorgeous, they are flowy and loose. Not three fitted tubes going around my legs and torso. Pants, why do you have to be so confusing?!

Enter Lander.

Lander shorts

I purchased, dowloaded, printed and traced off this pattern back in February. Then I got cold feet. I even had the fabric for quite a while. But I was scared. Now I am pretty sure my fear of pants sewing was created by my previous attempts to drastically alter poorly drafted big 4 sewing patterns into something they were not. Read, start with loose fitting pants and try to turn them into cigarette pants. That's what scared me off for, literally, years.
  Lander Shorts

I decided to participate in the Outfit Along hosted by Lladybird and Untangling Knots. Their official patterns were the Lander Pants and a knitted Waters tee. I needed a push to make pants AND to knit something in the summertime. Now my official OAL2018 pants will be out of Ventana Twill in Brick Brown and my Waters top is being ever so slowly knit with Quince and Co Sparrow Linen yarn. You can see them here. I don't think I will finish by the end of July because I am the slowest knitter in the world, and I am also going on vacation in July. In the meantime my Lander Shorts will do.

Lander Shorts

Lander's sizing had me in a size 2 at the waist and an 8 at the hips. I thought it was a 6 at the hips before but my booty has grown from weight lifting. I made a muslin with the 2 at the waist and 6 at the hips and it was too smallllll. I think that sizing could work with a stretch denim. I ended up cutting a 4 at the waist and an 8 at the hips, then I added 1/4" to each back side seam. I am very happy with the fit and while I usually despise wearing shorts I actually feel very comfortable and confident in these. I think the next version could benefit from a shaped waistband, but otherwise I will probably keep the adjustments as is. I see more Landers in my future and my fear of pants sewing has dissipated drastically. Thank you Kelli for drafting such a lovely pattern!

Lander Shorts

Fabric is a Cotton/Linen blend and can still be found here. Buttons are from Taylor Tailor. The top is my Tessuti Alice top, a pattern that I need to revisit.

Lander Shorts

I think this is my perfect Summer outfit. It is hot here y'all.

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