Monday, September 4, 2017

My Flint Pants and Introducing Pearl

Meet Flint, my swishy, sassy, wide legged pants.
I love them. My Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

This pattern hardly needs introduction and my version is certainly not groundbreaking in any way. But look at them in all their swingy, 70s vibe glory.
Did I mention that I love them?

My Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

Frank said they were fancy, and they do have a certain glamour to them. However, I think the tencel chambray dresses them down. I am noticing gaps in my wardrobe with both non-winter closed toed shoes and tops that work with high waisted bottoms. I am trying to remedy both of those things right now, though my shoe budget and taste don't often jive.

My Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

The fit is spot on. I cut and sewed a straight size Small. 
I originally cut these in a size Small but took them in at the side seams only to an XS. My note to self on the pattern suggests cutting between an XS and S next time. Goodness, those notes really do come in handy. I think they fit nicely on my booty, if you don't mind me pointing that out.

My Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

I should be over hear screaming from the rooftops that I MADE A PAIR OF PANTS. AND THEY FIT. AND I LOVE THEM. I have never found success with pants fitting and several misguided attempts to radically alter pants patterns had scared me off for years. This was the perfect pattern to ease myself back into pants sewing and helped me find my confidence in that realm again. My past mistakes have always included taking a big 4 pattern and trying to make it into something it was not. Starting with a well drafted and loose fitting indie pattern is, I believe, a much smarter choice. Try this pattern if you dig the style. I think you will love it. They could be totally different in various types of fabric. A denim or twill would give a much more structured look, and a rayon challis or silk would be even drapier than these. I am a bit obsessed with the wide leg, cropped pant look now and am debating between the Republique du Chiffon Gaston and the Papercut Nagoya patterns. I can't find versions of either to sway me.

Now meet Pearl, our now four month old bundle of love and energy, who we are totally obsessed with. My Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

This tencel chambray was from Joann and I also purchased it in the lighter blue version that I made my Charlotte Kan Tie dress in. They also carried it in olive green, which I recently snatched up the end of a bolt of and a tan color that I never was drawn to but now want to add to my stash because it is such an awesome base fabric for dyeing or some other type of surface design. Have I mentioned my mom does eco dyeing with two business partners slash friends? Check out their work here.

Are you participating in Sew Photo Hop over on Instagram? I am and I am meeting so many new sewing friends. Check it out. Essential tool kit

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