Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Sophie Swimsuit

Am I really doing this?
Am I really?
How could I resist, with this perfect combination of Sophie Swimsuit Pattern, Gorgeous Floral fabric and Caribbean waters? So yeah, I am going there, I am there, well I am here, or here I am, in a swimsuit.

Sophie Swimsuit

I'm sorry, but isn't it amazing? That isn't really bragging since a huge portion of the credit goes to Heather Lou. Heather not only designed this fabulous swimsuit pattern, but created it in a way that someone who has never sewn an underwire bra could conquer this project. I can't say for sure, since I do have experience sewing swimwear, but I bet even a confident seamstress who had never made a swimsuit would be thrilled with their outcome thanks to the fabulous instructions in this pattern. In case you haven't heard of this pattern, which is doubtful, it is the Sophie Swimsuit from Closet Case Patterns and it is wonderful. Can you tell I love it?
  Sophie SwimsuitSophie Swimsuit

I am willing to give another chunk of the credit to this suits' success to this fabulous floral fabric. You can still get you some over at The Fabric Fairy. I paired it with a navy and white pinstripe and added teal piping (which I plan to do a tutorial on soon). I will go ahead and take credit for masterminding this great combo of fabrics and sewing up this beauty. Heck, even if I am bragging it's okay because as my dad likes to say "it isn't bragging if its true" and this is a truly wonderful thing that I have created.
  Sophie SwimsuitSophie Swimsuit

I was highly influenced by Sophie, the muse behind this swimsuit. Isn't her suit to die for?! I even ordered the very same floral from Pitt trading, all the way from Australia. I wisened up though and decided I needed to make it my own instead of a straight copy.
  Sophie Swimsuit

Construction wise, the only thing I altered was chopping several inches off the waistline of the bottoms to bring them down to my waist and then chopping off even more to make them not so high waisted on me. I am not sure this style of bikini bottoms is the most flattering on me, but they definitely provide good coverage and fit really well. For the top I used the size 4 with the cup size 5 and I think the fit is spot on. I used the size 6 on the bottoms. The bra sizing was a bit confusing to me at first, having never made a bra. But I trusted Heather and it turned out just right.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of this swimsuit. Bonus, I now know how to make an underwire bra!
  Sophie Swimsuit

My husband and I took a trip to Tulum a few weeks ago with five of our dearest friends. In case you are wondering, this gorgeous beach I am on is called Xpu Ha. It was secluded and mostly populated by locals, which was just the type of place we were looking for. You turn down a dirt road, pay $30 pesos per person and they let down a rope for you to pass.  We only found this beach because we picked up two young French hitchhikers and gave them a ride from another beach back into Tulum town one day. Don't worry, lots of folks hitchhike down there and it was perfectly safe. They told us that we HAD to check out Xpu Ha and they were right, it was our favorite beach on this trip and the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. If you are interested in seeing what else we did I have all of our trip photos over on flickr and have labeled them pretty well.


MrsDecker said...

Super cute! I love it!

Unknown said...

Nice work, love the suit!

Let's Get Sewing said...

Wow! Sewing a swim suit is so impressive. The fabrics are gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Thank you all!