Thursday, August 14, 2014

Belated Vacation Pictures

I went on vacation in mid July but haven hesitated posting anything because all I have to show for it are these Instagram pictures. Oh well, it was so relaxing AND productive that I have to share! We went to visit my family in the Texas Hill Country. Frank stayed for the weekend and then I stayed a few more days. Mom and I dyed a ton of fabric, which was one of my main goals. She taught me Ice dyeing, Indigo and I played around with painting with dyes a la Sallie Oh, with mixed results. I now have supplies to do this stuff at home, though I also have such a huge stash of fabric to sew through that I might not dye anything for a while.

The Ice Dyeing was my favorite. I love the unpredictability and the striking results! More ice dyeing. I love the way the dye breaks down. More ice dyeing with big chunks. I plan on draping myself in this beautiful silk but first I will drape my walls for inspiration. I'm totally in love with the process and outcome of ice dyeing! I need to keep notes next time of colors and processes but I dig the unpredictability of it. T

Some of my newly dyed fabric stash, Solids, Indigo Shibori and Linen with dye sprinkled randomly. Solid dyed linens on the left. Sprinkled dye on the linen on top, shibori indigo silk and ice dyed silk noile. I've got some sewing to do! #fabricdyeing #surfacedesign #craftnerd #addictedtofabric

The painted silks were fun to do, though my first attempt came out hideous! I didn't go in with a plan and just made a mess of it. I will overdye and rescue that ugly piece. These I love, but the bigger one faded a lot after they dried. I had watered down the dye and that was a bad idea. I will go back and add more color to make it more intense. Painted silk. The one on the left came out pale because I had diluted the dye I may go back and add more for deeper colors. Thanks for the inspiration @sallieoleta Ice dyed and indigoed silk and linen. I got so much done on my vacation! Had a dye intensive with my mom.

We swam several days in a row, and I even got a tan! This is Blue Hole in Wimberely and it was COLD. I also went to Barton Springs and swam in the San Marcos River. I don't get to swim often at home, and the swimming holes in the Hill Country are one of the main reasons that I want to move there. It is simply the only thing that makes sense when Texas heats up. Untitled   Untitled

We went to Fredricksburg for the flea Market and ice cream, then swung by Luckenbach for a beer on the way home.   It was such a wonderful vacation and I'm ready to go back. Work has been exhausting and though I had been sewing and working out and eating well, the last week of work threw a wrench in my plans and I have just fallen behind on everything. I'm off work today and am working on last minute birthday presents for Karlie, who turns five one week from today. She wanted a Hawk Girl Costume this year. I didn't think I would get it done but I'm having fun with it and it is coming together well. I have many unblogged sewing projects but do post frequently on Instagram these days.  Check me out if you want to see what I'm making.

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