Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello 37!

Birthdays are awesome. I sure enjoyed mine!
My sweet husband surprised me with flowers Sunday. Including my favorite Sumatra Lilies. I went out for a jog and when I came home he had them here. Hello 37!

We went to the Japanese gardens, one of our favorite spots in Fort Worth. It was beautiful, as always but we were a little disappointed that the leaves weren't changing yet. Hello 37! Hello 37! Hello 37! Hello 37!

I made the S'mores cake recipe into cupcakes. They were divine, possibly the best cupcakes I've made so far. I did a graham cracker bottom and put a little on top of each one until I started running out of the graham part. Next time I will double that portion of the recipe. I topped them with ganache and the marshmallow topping and torched them, that was fun! Hello 37! Hello 37! Hello 37! Hello 37!

We had dinner and drinks with friends Sunday night and it was just perfect.

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