Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Redicovering my sketchbook

I mentioned last week that I had started on a new one of a kind piece. It went through several design changes along the way, and using my sketchbook really helped to settle on which design to use. I usually just arrange stones and get to work, but have decided to sketch out each of these ideas in advance. I also like the idea of having a record on paper. Here are some of the pieces that I will be working on in the next few weeks.

Sketch and stones for Opal Clam Shell Pendant

Sketch and stones for another multi stone pendant

Sketch and progress on my Turquoise pendant

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Kira said...

Yay sketchbook! Great colors. Are you using markers? If so, what kind? I would love to get some good color studies in my sketchbook.

Ashley said...

Yes, they are Sharpie markers, good eye! I have one set of fine tip and one of ultra fine.

Kira said...

Awesome! I'm totally gonna try those out. They look great.

Jennifer Williams said...

Those stones are absolutely gorgeous! I bet they will be beautiful in the piece.