Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ann Jenkins

On Saturday I received a much anticipated package in the mail. I did a trade with fellow Etsy Metal member Ann Jenkins. Ann is a multi-talented jewelry maker. She has an etsy shop called Tuizui, selling colorful and whimsical enameled sterling silver jewelry. I studied enameling in college under Harlan Butt, so I have an affinity for the medium. I had also noticed Ann's work on flickr, namely her Fragments of Nature Series. It actually took me a little while to connect the dots and realize that Ann Jenkins was the lady behind Tuizui as well!

Needless to say I became enamored with Ann's work. We started talking about doing a trade, and it was so difficult to decide between all of her lovely pieces. However, when she offered to make a custom piece for me, with my own treasures, that made up my mind. Ann's Fragments of Nature work are little shadow boxes filled with tiny collections. They create a miniature, wearable world. I gathered my treasures to send to Ann, including a piece of opal rough from a jar that my grandfather gave me as a child and a piece of coral that I picked up in Belize on our honeymoon. So, you can see this pendant is more than just a collectors item or a piece of jewelry to me. It is a special reminder of stories from my life. I am so thankful to Ann for bringing this to life for me.

I had picked this brooch from Ann's website as inpiration for my pendant.
For my end of the trade I created for Ann one of my Multi Pebble Rings with her own pebbles. Ann has traveled around the world and collected these beautiful stones. The gemstones are Sapphire, Labradorite, and a Fine Silver "Pebble" cabochon. I hope Ann treasures her ring as much as I do my pendant. Thanks Ann!

Oxide Opening Tonight

If you are in the Denton area come out to the opening of Oxide Gallery tonight from 6-9. I'll be there, and hope to see you too.
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Monday, September 29, 2008


I discovered something great via ReadyMade magazine. The World's Smallest Postal Service, is the creation of Lea Redmond. With a love for all things miniature, this is right up my alley. You can purchase these tiny letters in person, or via the website. Lea will trascribe your message, seal it with a tiny wax seal, and address it complete with a hand canceled tiny stamp. The letters are mailed along with a magnifying glass in a larger envelope to your friend, loved one, or to you so you can distribute it by hand. What could be more precious?

Here is a bit about Lea and her work:

Leafcutter Designs is a bit like a cottage industry. This means that we live upstairs on top of this online shop and you can holler up to our kitchen window where a pie is sitting on the windowsill. Lea Redmond is the head chef here, concocting curiosities, both big and small (with the help of her friends and family, of course). Here you can explore our Curiosity Shoppe of items you can purchase, as well as some of Lea’s other creative projects.

Tiny Wax Seal

Lea at work

I love her embroidered patch!

Letter with magnifying glass

Look at the tiny roll top desk!!!

This is just one of Lea's projects. Be sure and check out her website to witness the rest of her creative genius.

Thanks Sophie!

A great big thanks to Sophie of DuckDuckGooseStuff for including me in this lovely treasury!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Night

So my sweet husband Frank surprised me with tickets to see Neko Case in Dallas last night. He actually had to give up the details a few days ago, but it was planned a while back. We went with a group of great friends and it was a beautiful show. I sported my new pendant and my earrings from RubyGirl. Here I am ready to go out. Check out this video of 'Maybe Sparrow', it has some wonderful illustrations that Neko Case did herself. What a talented and lovely lady!

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Contest Alert

Not here, but over at my friend Lynette Andreasen's (aka Asymmetry) blog. Sign up to follow her blog, and post a comment here for a chance to win one of her divine Swen Necklaces. Here is my favorite color.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Originally uploaded by ashleyjewelry
I just had to share this funny picture. Malta hates having her picture taken. As soon as I take out the camera she goes from sweet face wanting attention to looking away. So, I caught this pose when she was mid chew on a treat. I thought it was really cute and funny. Malta is my old lady. She will be 13 in November!

Bishop Arts District

I did a show Sunday in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff. It was really my first time to be in Oak Cliff and I enjoyed it. I shared a booth with Lena Echelle again, which was a lot of fun. There were lots of folks out and everyone was super friendly. There seems to be a ton of revitalization and community outreach going on in that area.
One of the highlights of the day was sampling Passion Fruit Cheesecake from the soon to come Hula Hotties Cafe. They are a husband and wife team with delicious products, and really cute packaging!
Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but our tent was set up right in front of the Bishop Street Market. I want to take Frank back to check out the area, and all the great restaurants!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exciting News

I was mentioned today on The Carrotbox blog. The Carrotbox is an online shop, and blog dedicated to rings made of alternative materials. I am thrilled to be among the very talented artists that are picked for the blog. None of my photos were featured, but there is a link to my website. I love the split rock rings that are pictured as well. Check it out.

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New Photos

So I am finally following through with my plan to take new photos. I discovered Color Aid Paper, which I love. The ever generous Sara Westermark kindly shared some paper with me. Here are some of my new photos, I will continue to overhual my photos and etsy shop over the next couple of weeks, so check in regularly to see what's new.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oxide Gallery

A new gallery is opening in Denton. It is called Oxide Gallery and is in the back of Linwood-Alford Florist on Hickory Street. The grand opening is next Tuesday, September 30th from 6-9 PM. They are carrying a collection of my pebble jewelry which I am really excited about. My friend Jane Ruestmann, who told me about the gallery, has her beautiful collages there as well.

It is great to have some work in my home town, and right down the street from my alma matter. Please come out to the opening if you can. I'll see you there.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plant Stand Redo

Madeover plant stand
So, I didn't take a before picture, but I repainted this plant stand yesterday. My mom gave it to me a while back and it was painted black. Much to my husbands chagrin, I just had to paint it aqua, my very favorite color. I also got a couple of new house plants. I'm not good with houseplants, despite working at Home to Garden for seven years! I did a fine job of caring for them there, but tend to ignore them at home. Well, I decided to try again, I need to show off those cool vintage planters. On the top shelf is a McCoy vase that my mom's friend Kathy gave me, very thoughtful of her.
I've been sort of obsessed lately with all things home, probably because I hardly ever leave! I am really into looking at the Design Sponge Sneak Peeks and getting ideas for home decorating projects. So stay tuned for more domestic projects. I will share them as I finish them, and I will try to take before pictures next time.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few new photos

Three Pebble Necklace

Multi Pebble Rings

Pebble Dangle Earrings

Here are a few new phots of my newest work. I will be adding these pieces to my website today. I made a ton of jewelry for the show that got canceled last weekend, so now I have to figure out the best venue for all of it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm in love!

With a pair of earrings from Shannon Conrad of Ruby Girl. Shannon is one clever lady. These earrings are made with vintage glass buttons set in sterling silver as cabochons. They are my very favorite color and will be treasured for years to come. You better go get yourself a pair, as they are a limited edition piece in Shannon's shop. So hurry up already!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Etsy Metal on Front Page!

Apparently I was on the front page today. I think it was this morning, but I missed it. I'm there on the top left along with Sara Westermark, Ash Hilton and Disco Medusa. What a beautiful treasury in one of my most favorite colors!

Thanks to Beth Cyr for getting a screen shot and 3Dots for curating this treasury.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My vacation

I took a few days off of jewelry making. After learning of my show being canceled I had to let myself step away from the bench for a few days. I spent Thursday cleaning out my closet. I didn't take a picture of that, but it looks much lighter. I got three trash bags of clothes out!

Friday I took on an even larger endeavor. I ripped out the carpet in our bedroom that has been driving me crazy for a while now. I hate carpet, and we were lucky enough to have pretty decent hard wood floors underneath. It was quite a feat to accomplish alone, if I do say so myself. I first had to remove the huge rug that was over the carpet. Then I cut around the bed and dresser and took the carpet out in strips. I like it so much better now. There is a mysterious gap in the wood down the middle of the room that we have to cover, but I love the results none the less.

Lucy, of course, was in the middle of all the action watching over me!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yikes Ike! *TMA cancelled

So the Texas Metal Arts Festival scheduled for this weekend has been officially canceled due to hurricane Ike. I was and am disappointed as this was to be my biggest festival to date with a brand new booth set up. I was going to use this opportunity to get great booth shots as well for future show applications. I sort of don't know what to do with myself now. I have been in full swing work mode for some time and its hard to redirect my energy.

I still have my etsy shop on vacation mode as I plan on taking a little break this weekend. Not that we will be getting out much, they are predicting tropical storm strength even by the time Ike gets up here!

I am going to be overhauling my etsy shop and adding a bunch of new work in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. Also keep an eye on my website for photos of all the exciting new pieces that were to debut this weekend. I'll probably post a few here too.

Though I am disappointed about the show cancellation, I know many people who live in the storms' path have much more to worry about. My family lived in Houston in 1983 when hurricane Alicia hit, so I know how scary these storms can be.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mailing List

Dear Readers,
I apologize if you had tried to sign up for my mailing list here on my blog. I recently realized that that feature was not working. I have a link on my website where you can submit your email address for my mailing list. I will occasionally send out emails with announcements of sales in my etsy shop, shows that I am participating in or when new work is added to the shop. Please visit my website to sign up.
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Letterpress Earring Cards

I had these earring cards custom made by Kristin of 622 press. I just love the texture and clean lines of letterpress printing. Kristin was really great to work with. She sent me images of fonts to chose from and a picture of the cardstock. They are nice and heavy and will hold up to bigger earrings like these. I am so happy with them, and feel very professional. No more hand cut, uneven earring cards for me! Thanks Kristin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Banners

New Banners
Originally uploaded by ashleyjewelry
They arrived today. I'm super excited and happy with them overall. The top one with the rings is a little dark in the corners, but that is my fault for choosing that photo. I can't wait to use them in my booth at TMA and see how they look from afar.

Arts Goggle Fort Worth

I will be showing and selling my jewelry this Friday night from 5 to 10 at the Texana Lofts on South Adams. Please come by and say hello. There are lots of participating venues in the Fairmount area, many with live music. Don't miss this years Fort Worth Arts Goggle, the biggest one so far!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Texas Metal Arts Festival is less than two weeks away. Here is the official poster. I hope to see you there. Come check out all my new work.
That is Lena Marie Eschelle's pendant in the picture by the way. I had the pleasure of sharing a booth with her at the Show Pony Show and seeing her wonderful work in person.
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