Saturday, February 16, 2008


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I'm so in love with this pendant. It is by Lynette Andreasen of Asymmetry
She is super talented and I will always treasure this piece of jewelry. It is made of copper, sterling and has french knots sewed onto it. What could be better? Thanks Lynette!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Etsy Metal Valentines Sale!!!

Etsy Metal is having a Sale. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Each participating member will have their sale info listed in their shop. Click here to see my sale items.

Here is a list of who else is involved:

Nina Dinoff -
Beth Cyr -
Rachael Sudlow -
Kathryn Riechert -
Ashley Akers -
Catherine Chandler -
Wildflowerdesings -
Shannon Conrad -
Nina Gibson -
Clare Stoker-Ring -
DuckDuckGooseStuff -
Moira K. Lime -
Kathleen Bostick -
Elizabeth Scott -
Honeybee -
JudyB -
Melissa Bradley -
Nanopod -
Metalnat -
Alicia Istanbul -
Discomedusa -
Mkwind -
EmeliaRo -
Rebekah Meddles -
BlindSpotJewellery -
Debora De Stefanis -

Friday, February 1, 2008

My awesome new earrings

My awesome new earrings
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More earrings? Yes, more earrings, I'll never have too many!

I am over the moon and in love with these new earrings from Kate Jones Jewelry. Check out her etsy shop at
They are oxidized sterling silver, and so beautiful. I love the size, and I like that you can sort of position them and wear them horizontally or vertically.

I wore them to the bookstore yesterday, any excuse, right?
Thanks Kate!