Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Experimetal AKA Victoria Takahashi

N403 Ameoba Necklace-view A
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I just can't get over how talented this lady is! I am loving all of her new work. Victoria puts so much detail into each piece she makes, I imagine they never cease to be interesting for the wearer and viewer alike. I love that there are lots of moving parts in her work too.

I first noticed Victoria's work when I started listing on Etsy. She uses beach pebbles in ways I never would have thought of. Here's to kindred spirits and being inspired by friends. Check our her Experimetal shop here.

Some more of my favorites.

12-02-06 KOBO SHOW
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Monday, October 22, 2007

New Earrings

So, earrings are what I overwhelmingly create the most. I tend to wear earrings and forgo other jewelry. Here are some of the earrings I have made recently. These are all new designs.

Mini Star Earrings
These are an expansion of my Starburst collection.

New Tiny Star Earrings

Modern Clam Shell Earrings
These are a brand new design. I loved their modern simplicity so much I had to keep a pair for myself!

Shell Earrings

Silver Pebble and Ruby Studs
These cute little studs are part of my pebble collection and are my first attempt at creating tube bezel settings.


Silver and Gold Dot Dot Dot Earrings
This new design is part of my pebble collection. They are small enough to wear everyday.


Silver Hoops with Faceted Apatite
These simple little hoops are really dressed up by the gorgeous apatite beads.


Okay, I'm off to make some more earrings!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My fabulous new earrings...

Lunasa Designs
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So, I've been needing (okay wanting) some red earrings for a while now. I'm so excited, I just recieved these gorgeous new earrings from my friend, and fellow Etsy Metal member, Rebekah of Lunasa Designs. These are her Medieval Blackened Earrings, but all of here work is creative and fabulous. I think my new earrings are so sexy, I'm gonna wear them out on the town tomorrow night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary Babe!

My wedding rings
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In honor of Mine and Frank's 3rd wedding anniversary today, I thought I would post a few related pics. These are my wedding rings. The diamond engagement ring is by Sarah Graham. I loooove her work and want so many of her pieces. I made the opal and green tourmaline wedding band. I never take it off and the opal shows the wear. I don't mind though, and figure I can have it re-polished one of these days. I made Frank a wedding band too, unfortunately it got lost in the Llano river in central Texas! I have been lame and haven't made him another yet.

Here are the french beaded flowers that I made for the wedding. They were mixed in with yellow spray roses in my bouquet.
French Beaded Wedding Flowers

Here is the little shrine I set up in our living room. It has a picture of us from our engagement.
Love Shrine
Happy anniversary Frank!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mom's Charm Bracelet

Mom's Charm Bracelet
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Mom's Charm Bracelet
So, I started this reversible charm bracelet for my mom for christmas two years ago. It started with three charms and I added the Opal and Amethyst one later, I think for Mothers day last year.

This year I added one for her 60th birthday, though I was really belated in getting it done. I'm gonna have to get a picture of the beautiful opal on the reverse side, don't know how I missed that. The side showing has a pebble with a small oval white opal set in gold on top.
Mom's Charm Bracelet
Each charm is two sided and it flips up and down when you move. I added a little touch of gold somewhere on each piece. Mom loves mixed metals, and it adds to the value of the collection. I figure I will keep adding charms for special occasions until I fill it up. It may just have to become a charm necklace some day!