Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attempting to Eat Clean

Feeding us is a constant struggle that I have talked about before. I don't want to grocery shop when I get off work (I work at a grocery store) and I don't want to shop at my work on my days off. I have been doing better with keeping food in the fridge and recently threw together some random ingredients that turned into a delicious meal. I baked a sweet potato and used half for my lunch. I topped the sweet potato with chopped kale and spinach, which I did microwave for about one minute to soften, though that may not be necessary. I added chopped red bell pepper, turkey breast and red scallion. The key ingredient that made it taste great was hummus on top. Yum! Clean eating

The spinach and red scallion were from our garden, which is just getting going. I love checking on the progress of my seedlings each morning. Early harvest

I have so much to learn about eating healthfully, the wide world of nutrition seems very daunting. I know what foods are good and bad but there is always so much to learn.  My theory is to add more of the good instead of trying to totally cut out the bad. My downfall is snacking, I always crave something sweet in the afternoon with coffee and something salty late at night. I usually give in and my choices aren't the healthiest. I have to learn how to get Frank a healthy breakfast and a lunch to take with him to work. Dinners are no problem for me as long as I'm not closing at work, which is usually only once per week. When Frank first got diagnosed with High Blood Pressure last Fall I asked my facebook friends for recommendations and resources for whole foods, clean eating, nutrition info, etc. I got a great list of blogs and websites that I have only started to delve into. I thought I would share them here, feel free to add more in the comments if you have any that you frequent. Pinterest has also been a great source for recipes and I started a new board for Healthy Options. One of my goals is to get our blender fixed and start making smoothies for breakfast. I love that they can be packed with so many nutrients.

Here are the websites that were shared with me:

Two others that I was already frequenting:


andrea said...

I'll have to check out those blogs, I've also been trying to cook healthier. A blog that I've really enjoyed and have tried many recipes from is Naturally Ella.

Ashley said...

Thanks Andrea! That one looks great too. I have added it and The Nourishing Gourmet to my blog links as well.