Friday, November 16, 2012

Preparing for Madness

These pictures were taken last week when the weather was warmer and I was spending every possible minute outside. We had a cold front come through on Sunday and the window of perfect weather gets smaller each day. Yesterday I went out for a jog at 11:30 in the morning and was so cold for the first twenty minutes. I need to bring my plants in before we get a hard freeze.

These Days These Days These Days These Days These Days These Days

This week has been more snuggling under the quilt with the pets.
Sometimes we are all on the couch together!
These Days Cuddling kitty Fall sunset

I got some money to go shopping for my birthday and even went with Frank on Monday but I came home empty handed. I'm a terrible shopper. I'm extremely picky, I'm cheap, and apparently I'm in between sizes. I went out yesterday and bought myself some makeup. I still am in desperate need of pants. I have lost some weight since I started jogging but am not willing to spend anywhere close to a hundred dollars on a pair of pants. That's just crazy(!), but seems to be the norm. That leaves me with thrift and re-sale shopping and not much luck lately. Am I the only one with this problem?

I went to bed last night with a bit of dread.  I had traded with a co-worker to have yesterday off instead of Tuesday.  That was a good call as it means a six day stretch instead of eight.  Each day will be busier until we reach madness on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I work at a gourmet grocery store and I'm a bit scared of next week!  I was there as a cashier last year at Thanksgiving and that was intense.  Now I will be moving around in the crowd and it will be insane.  I will have no time to prepare for Thanksgiving myself.  I'm planning to make this Chocolate Caramel tart.  I can break it down into steps and make everything ahead and not all at once.  One day I'll make the crust and freeze it, then the caramel and I actually already have some chocolate ganache made up from the cupcakes. 

You may not see me here until post Thanksgiving.  If so, I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of loved ones and delicious food! Enjoy your weekend.


magsbord said...

When needing to buy new clothes (I went from a 14 to a 10 in a year, so I feel you), you might try Target. Their pants are around $30 and since they have the 6 new "fit" styles, it's pretty easy to find ones that work. Ross also carries tons of Levis, which I've found useful.

Ashley said...

Maggie, target pants neverfit me well. It's very frustrating! Are you still running? I'm really enjoying running but finding it harder with the colder mornings.