Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hibiscus Tea

I have been wanting to make Hibiscus Tea for a while. After I found out that it is good for lowering blood pressure I hopped to it! I am sold. It is pretty, yummy and healthy. I brewed up plain dried hibiscus flowers with two bags of Lipton Tea. I thought adding the regular tea would make it more palatable for Frank, who really needs to drink it. I added a packet of Stevia in the Raw and it was oh so delicious. Frank needs more convincing though.
 Hibiscus tea

I'm having a kind of off day today. I started my walk late and have a crick in my neck, so I wasn't feeling very motivated. Then I went out to look at plants but was driving our truck that doesn't have  AC and am just worn out!  I did find out that I have lost 4 lbs since I started jogging though. That made me very happy.  Also, Frank's blood pressure has dropped significantly in just over a week!  He hasn't had any sodas, has been eating three healthy meals per day and walking about every other day.  I'm so proud of him!

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Connie Akers said...

Tell Frank I'm proud of him