Saturday, August 4, 2012

Something Special for a Princess

Can you guess what I'm working on? Something special for princess Karlie

Our princess of a niece Karlie turns three in a couple of weeks. She is currently obsessed with Snow White. I won't show you the finished product til after I give it to her. This picture shows sixteen pattern pieces that I have already sewn. There are countless more! I was a bit overwhelmed at first but am taking it one step at a time and it is coming together nicely. I'm also in charge of the cake and am trying to keep it simple since we have to travel and I'll probably decorate in Austin. I'm thinking of just using a Snow White figurine on top of a simple round cake and perhaps some apple cupcakes to go with it?

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Tiger Bead Store said...

As soon as I saw the color of the fabrics you are using, I thought Snow White. Snow White was my favorite character of all time when I was younger. You are one very creative soul. Your cupcakes are wonderful. What a great idea making them apples. And I am sure your cake will look just as beautiful. Your niece was a wonderful aunt to do all this for her birthday.