Friday, June 15, 2012

Kool Kat gets a tutu

Karlie said Kool Kat needed a tutu, so a tutu she got.
Kool Kat gets a tutu

I'm cleaning house today in preparation for Karlie's visit and I cannot wait for her to get here!
I'm also working on jewelry, baking some things for Father's day and generally checking off my to do list.  The big to do in Fort Worth today is Trader Joes' grand opening.  I saw a picture of the line out front and I think that and the traffic will keep me away for now.  


janet in ft worth said...

I'm very nervous about my hair appointment a couple of blocks away on Hulen at 5:45 today. Between the Trader Joe's grand opening, the fact that I live on the wrong side of the crazy road construction project and rush hour traffic, I'm wondering if I should allow a couple of hours to get there!

Ashley said...

Janet, I feel for you! I'm avoiding that area altogether, but like you said with the construction I always avoid it lol. I will make the trek to Trader Joe's eventually, but just crossing that bridge and dealing with parking doesn't appeal to me!

Karen said...

Cutest kitty in a tutu ever! What a lucky Karlie.

Ashley said...

Thanks Karen! You're sweet!