Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodbye Home, Hello Roberta

My parents close on their house this morning and take off with their final load of belongings to make a new home in the Hill Country. I'm happy for them, and love their new place.  I look forward to visiting and making new family traditions and memories there.  That doesn't make it easier to say goodbye to home.  This is the house that my parents built and we grew up in.  They have been there for twenty five years.  This house has hosted four weddings, including ours, twenty five years of Christmases, and numerous graduations, baby and bridal showers and on and on.  It was a great house for entertaining and my parents had lots of gatherings over the years.  We were comfortable there, it was home.  It feels strange that it is no longer.
Saying goodbye

In the moving process my parents were at a loss for what to do with their cat. Frank and I have never had a cat together but now we do. I was worried how Roberta would settle in but she has made herself right at home. She was on the roof of our patio last night just chilling out. She has been mostly an outdoor cat, and since Frank is allergic to some cats, she might remain that way.
Roberta on the roof

Though she is perfectly comfortable in our house as well. Roberta