Friday, June 29, 2012

Get in Shape Girl!

Do you remember Get In Shape Girl from the 80's? I was a chubby kid and my grandparents bought me several "toys" from this line. I remember loving the ribbon on a wand that you dance with. I should make Karlie one of those, she loves to dance. Perhaps it was a bit insensitive of them to suggest I needed to work out at age ten, or whatever I was, but I wasn't offended at the time.

I was never an athlete, and didn't start working out until I was in my mid twenties. Now I'm in my mid thirties and have gotten out of shape again. I really have the desire to be fit, but am lacking in the motivation department. I'm always pinning workout ideas on Pinterest and did this one today.  I don't really want a gym membership, though that is how I got fit before.  Do you use Pinterest for fitness motivation?  Do you workout at home?  How do you stay motivated?  I would love some advice!

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Gretchen said...

I remember your get in shape gear. I liked the bar.