Monday, April 30, 2012

My Childhood on a Plate

A month or so ago I was reading through a recently discovered blog, My New Roots and came across this post. While I'm sure the Banana pancakes are delicious it was the plate that struck me. That plate instantly took me back to my childhood around the kitchen table with my family, where we ate every week night. Those are my mom's plates. Dansk Blue Mist, I found out.

I had never given the plates much thought, they are utilitarian, pretty but plain and were just always there. After seeing this picture I inquired about them from mom. I knew she had registered for them and received them as wedding gifts. Here is what she told me about her china:
I registered for them when we got married. I didn't get a lot at first as they were at Sakowitz expensive by 1968 family standards. I was taking ceramics at the time was drawn to them because of that I think. My scout leader who could have afforded the whole set told the salesman that they looked like tin plates. He told me I was the first person who had registered for them at that store they were pretty "out there" for Gulfgate. Thanks for the memories.....

I was struck by the thought of these dishes being so different at the time.  I suppose in 1968 most young women were registering for plain white china or flowery prints.  I have no idea, really.  Mom has two sizes of plates and one size bowl.  I have searched and found some other really interesting shapes from this line. They really appeal to me, but as they are no longer made I will have to keep an eye out at thrift shops for pieces here and there.  Here are some that I really like.

These are Green Mist, but came in Blue also.
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

It's kind of ironic that these appeal to me because they are nostalgic and what I know.  While they appealed to mom for totally different reasons, because they were modern and different.  Never the less, I love them and hope to add some to my kitchen at some point.


Terry said...

Hi Ashley, I have read your blog for a couple of years and love your jewelry, but never commented that I remember. I had to comment on your post today! You may want to go to my blog entry from 2009 here:

It is about my Dansk dishes as well as those of another blogger. You will see a connection.

I hope you love your Dansk dishes as I have loved mine.

BTW, I think Generation Mist came in only brown and blue. The pieces you identified as Green Mist appear to be Brown Mist. They look just like mine.

Terry said...

Oops. I stand corrected. There was a Green Mist, introduced a little later than the blue and brown.

Ashley said...

Terry, thanks for commenting and sharing, I really enjoyed your post. I'm glad to know that the Blue Mist is considered Stoneware. Interesting that several like minded ladies made the same choices about what to fill their homes with. The plates became so much bigger than just something to eat off of!