Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Think I Need Glasses

I'm pretty sure I need to wear glasses.  I haven't had my eyes checked yet and have never had to wear glasses, but I'm pretty sure it's time.  I had started noticing people's glasses at work and wanted to make notes of what I liked.  I pinned a few on Pinterest and a friend told me to check out Warby Parker.  Have you heard of Warby Parker?  It is a great concept, sort of like Tom's.  For every pair of glasses sold they give a pair to someone in need.
And they aren't expensive, only $95 for frames and perscription lenses.
And they are good looking frames.
The only problem is, the nearest store is in Austin.
In the meantime I decided to play around with they're virtual try on tool. 
I had a hard time finding a picture that their website would accept, so this isn't a current pic of me.

Warby Parker Miles

Warby Parker Webb

Warby Parker Sinclair

Warby Parker Preston

Warby Parke Finn

While this was just silly fun it does give me an idea of what might work for my face. I may try to go to their store when if I get to go to Austin next month. I think I posted the pictures in order of favorites.  What do you think?

This reminds me of those kiosks in the malls in the 90's where you could plug your picture in and see what different hairstyles would look like on you.  So funny!


alicia said...

i like webb and finn! cute!

Connie Akers said...

I like Finn. The smaller size seems to fit your face better. I also like the lighter colored one.

Lisa researching glasses said...

The virtual try-on is my favorite! How fun!