Monday, January 16, 2012


My sweet dad got me a flexshaft for Christmas.  I got it set up this weekend by adding a block of wood to the ledge of my workbench, and I'm up and running now.  I hadn't used one since college and I graduated in '99.  My poor dremel tool was well used and falling apart.

Workbench with new lights and flexshaft

Workbench with new lights and flexshaft

Frank and I had the day off together yesterday. 
I didn't accomplish everything on my wish list, but we did do a lot.
We had coffee and waffles for breakfast.
I practiced Knitting.
We spent time outside with Lucy at the dog park.
Frank fixed the leak under our sink where our dishwasher drains and we set up my flexshaft.

My other wishlist items included, going to the movies, the bookstore, cooking/prepping dinners for the week, excercising, and sewing.  Those things didn't happen, but there is always tomorrow. 

I am teaching myself to knit, and that's final.  I practiced quite a bit this weekend.  I'm attempting to follow a simple pattern today.  I have a little more time before I go to work.


Nena said...

I'm jealous, my flexshaft is still in its original box. I have no clue how to set it up because I am missing the pole that I see you have on your work bench. I'll just stop by and look at yours for inspiration.

Ashley said...

Nena, funny think is I didn't realize my parents had gotten the stand for me until I mentioned to my mom that I had to get one before I could set it up. They had forgotten to give it to me at Christmas. I hadn't even thought about it until I was ready to set it up lol.