Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Fall Palette

Remember this? The Colette Fall Palette challenge that I started.

Fall Palette

I had a few weeks of sewing obsession, completing three garments that don't fit perfectly.
A pair of pants that I muslined and once completed there was extra fabric under the but?  Not cool
A top that I LOVE but the neckline is too wide and too low.
Another top that I kind of love but isn't constructed too well, my first time sewing with organza.
And a half completed Black Chambray Shirt Dress which I really do want to finish.

Anyways, I was looking at my closet and realizing that I am wearing my fall Palette colors and loving them.  Some I was wearing already, some I have added since creating my Palette. 
My closet

My sewing mess stayed out for several weeks earlier this fall and then got packed away when company was coming.  I have a small sewing table in my room with bad lighting.  A big dining room table with slightly better lighting is where I like to sew.  I pulled out my machine last night and finally fixed this skirt.  I will attempt to take some modeled photos of all these pieces soon so you can see what I'm talking about.

Have a mentioned what a bad shopper I am?  I think I talked about this before.  I have good taste, I like fine fabrics (or at least natural fibers) but I'm cheap.  Those things don't go hand in hand.  So I have been thrift shopping more.  Thrift shopping requires a big time investment, and sometimes the clothes also need to be altered, more time there.  But it's cheap and finding treasures is a fun.

I added my Aquarium Grass Earrings to my Etsy shop last night and plan to add more pieces soon. 

I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit at all, are you?  Maybe decorating would help.
I like to make gifts but am not sure how much of that I will have time for this year.
I have ideas though.  I need to make a list.  Lists always help me get my act together.


J said...

Your hair looks great!

I totally know what you mean about being reluctant to spend lots on some things, like fabrics. But I also have self-indulgent tendencies. I used to always sew with thrifted or fabrics that were on sale. But then inslpurged once on fabric I loved. And it made me reconsider a few things...I was less inspired to work on projectsnwith fabrics I liked but didn't love. And I was more careful with the fabric I loved, leading to a better finished piece and increasing my sewing skills. I researched some steps and learnt new techniques, so now I see more possibilities, even for altering thrifted stuff.

I usually work out some crazy justification for splurging...with sewing i think of the time I spend to make something (and the cost! What could the time have been spent on otherwise....if the time is high, then it justifies materias worthy of the effort.). Aaannndd, depending. Say you sewed a gorgeous dress out of amazing silk in a great style. Then find an uber pricey designer piece, and use that for your pricing comparison. Automatic savings of 90 percent! (my math is very liberal when justifying....)

J said...

Ps your fall pallet is beautiful and I am excited to see the pieces you made!

Ashley said...

J, Thanks for your comments! I will definitely splurge on fine fabrics for sewing, especially for special ocassions. However, as with clothes shopping I am a bargain shopper with fabrics. I always shop with coupons at Joann, miss out on designer fabrics online because I don't want to splurge, and love to shop at the outlet fabric stores in Dallas!

J said...

I think it's awesome you thrift. Even the best sales can't make up for finding the coolest vintage pieces :-)

I actually wanted to sew my wedding dress out of really good quality sheets....I still think itmwould have looked fabulous, but my maid of honor threatened to tell my mom/grammar (who are a bit more traditional)