Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookie Plans

I usually do a Christmas baking marathon with mom each year. We use the cookies for gifting, hostess gifts, etc. My schedule is preventing that from happening this time around, but I still plan on baking at home. I suggested we each make extra cookies and do an exchange. I'm planning on making Ginger Burst cookies. They are selling them at Central Market right now and they are To*Die*For. There was a contest in our local paper for cookie recipes and it won. New favorite Christmas cookie? Maybe! Seriously, if you love ginger you have to make these. They are chewy and just right.

I found some images from previous Christmases to get me in the spirit.
A little bit of Christmas

A little bit of Christmas

There are also two lemon cookies that I have pinned on Pinterest. This one and this one. I guess I want to try a lemon cookie, who knew.

After looking at my Christmas cookie post from last year for inspiration I feel a bit better about my lack of preparation. I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule if I compare dates. However, last year I was self employed and this year I have a work schedule. Ugh, darn work gets in the way every time, doesn't it?!  Speaking of work, I see a lot of great food gift ideas come through my line.  A couple last night was going to make spice rubs for the men on their list.  I think that's a great idea.

A little bit of Christmas


Penguins for Frank

I'm off today and spent the morning catching up on Etsy orders.  I have a plan for decorating our ficus tree that I think will add some Christmas excitement around here.  I'm off to prepare my grocery list for baking and do some errand running.  Have a great day.

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Karen said...

mmm ginger and lemon is one of my top flavor combos! Have fun baking!!