Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Morning

I baked the Cake part of the Tres Leches cupcakes before I went to work yesterday.  It is such a beautiful batter, light and airy with whipped egg whites folded in.  They domed up beautifully!

It was a bit hard to get the Tres Leches into the cupcakes.  I made little holes in the top and poured it in but the dozen cupcakes only soaked up 1/4 of the Tres Leches that the recipe makes.  I opted for Italian Meringue for the topping because the whipped cream topping that I used on the cake wouldn't be sturdy enough to pipe on.  It was my first time making Italian Meringue and it wasn't too difficult.   The piping bag was light as air and I had a lot leftover.  I torched the tops and these might be the most beautiful dessert that I have ever concocted!  Taste will be determined later today.  I'm thinking they won't be milky enough, and they are lacking the fruit and whipped cream filling that I loved so much in between the cake layers.  I may go with a cake instead. 

Why do I have to get so carried away and feel the need to make life complicated by making so many different desserts for one party?  I have no idea, but I am fully enjoying the process, if not the temptation of having them around.  I will be forcing these on friends later today!  I think I would enjoy being a recipe tester and a pastry chef in a second career.

The second recipe being tested today is Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder in an Achiote marinade.  It will be cooking away all day.  I've seen several versions of this recipe and went with the one in my Rosa's cookbook.  I will post the recipe for you later if it turns out as great as I'm hoping it will.

Soup weather has arrived! We made Chicken Caldo for dinner last night. It is a staple, so super duper easy and beyond delicious. We used homemade chicken stock that was in the freezer and the rest of a chicken that Frank had smoked earlier in the week. That was his best yet smoked chicken, I do believe. He didn't have a beer on hand so he basted it with some limeade that we had in the fridge. Yum!

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Karen said...

such pretty cupcakes. The torched frosting is so dramatic.