Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sight For Sore Eyes

Have I mentioned that the Summer of 2011 was the hottest on record here in North Texas? It was basically, scratch that, totally miserable. I felt especially bad for people who work outside for a living, including my husband. I was grateful to get a new job in a nicely air conditioned grocery store. We are all glad that the Summer of 2011 is behind us, and will no doubt often refer to this Summer in future discussions about the heat. Summer of 2011 is the new Summer of 1980 around here. 

I wasn't able to water my perennial beds enough this summer. They were looking so, so good in Spring but that just couldn't last. It is a wonder anything survived. I lost a few plants, some plants need time to recover, but some of my little troopers are out there smiling with their Fall blooms right now! The Salvias, Datura and Creeping Plumbago as well as the Flame Acanthus are all happy as can be. That makes me happy. I think there will be some yard work done amongst the rest and play this weekend.

Fall blooms!

Fall blooms!
A Rain Lily popped up under my Okra plants
Fall blooms!
The Zinnias basically took over the veggie garden.  

In other news, I scored big time on thrift shopping yesterday!  I'm so glad mom came down to hang with me, we had a really good time.  I got three tops, two skirts, some teal velvet pants and two pairs of jeans.  I have some alterations to make, but most of it fit perfectly.  I need to go thrift store shopping more often.  All these new clothes, plus I've been sewing and have finished three pieces for the Fall Palette Challenge.  I just can't bring myself to take pictures in these clothes though.  I guess I don't like posing for the camera. I'll try to get pics of some of my new clothes though, especially the handmade ones.  I've noticed with clothes that I've made in the recent past and don't wear, that I think they need certain shoes, or accessories that I don't have, or the sleeves are just a bit too long, etc.  I'm trying to remedy some of these things and actually wear more of what I have spent my precious time making.

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andrea said...

oh Ashley! you've got to model the teal velvet pants,that sounds so cool.