Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Trusty Dremel Tool

I have prided myself over the years on the work I have been able to create with such a small studio and minimal tools.  Don't get me wrong, I have a loooong tool wish list and lots of techniques that I would love to add to my repertoire, but I'm on a tight budget and always have been.

Enter my trusty dremel tool.  This guy has been with me since at least 1999, and I'm pretty sure my parents got it for me.  I didn't need a flex shaft, oh no, my dremel tool worked just fine.
my trusty dremel....
Looks innocent, enough, right.  Maybe a little worn in...
Or maybe a lot worn in!

Or maybe completely Melting!

This has been happening for a while, but I'm sure our few days of no air conditioner and indoor temps near 100º didn't help.
I hereby nominate myself for an upgrade to a proper metalsmith's tool, a flex shaft.  I will be pricing and comparing, the choices have always overwhelmed me when I have looked at them.  Perhaps the next time I send in my scrap silver I can get myself a flex shaft.  In the mean time, its sticky fingers around here after using my trusty old dremel.


J said...

I was putting off getting a flex shaft because of the cost, so I ended up compromising with this one: From what I understand, you can upgrade the hand piece, and it comes with a guarantee (90 days money back if you aren't happy) So far, I really like it, though I admit to limited use of a different flex shaft for comparison. If you have been eyeing a jumping maker they have a combo deal.

You don't need to publish this comment, just thought I Would let you know....

Ps - I already love your work, but it is incredible that you have made everything with a dremal!

penelope said...

tell frank i'm voting in favor of a new tool! he can pretend it's a fancy pedal.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the suggestions J. I have a friend with an extra foredom that she will sell me, can't wait to get my hands on it!

Penny, you read my mind!