Friday, June 24, 2011

Looks Like Summer

Dining room

I cut and brought in my first bouquet of Zinnias from this years garden. I added Artemesia and Dusty Miller and put them on my dining room table on top of a piece of crocheted lace that my Great Grandmother made. I'm loving the look! The lace contrasts nicely with our dark table, which I have been leaving open lately. It closes up to be a square and we used it open this spring for dinner with friends. I thought it seemed too big at the time, but decided I like it open. I think I will take this bouquet to a friends that we are visiting tomorrow.

Zinnias with Artemesia

For some reason all of the Zinnias that are blooming so far in the garden are pink. I like pink, but need some variety. I hope its not too late to get some more seeds going. I don't think it is as long as I keep them watered, I have had a few come up and then die off this year.

This little bouquet is in my kitchen window and really makes me smile. It is in a little antique jar from my collection and I put in the Dusty Miller stems that were too short for the other vase. Looks like summer to me!

I love this one

Have a great weekend.


summer said...

LOOKING AMAZING! Where did that AWESOME fixture come from??? Love you lady!

Connie said...

Pawpaw & his Mother, who we called Mammaw are surely smiling.

Ashley said...

Thanks Sum, it's from Ikea.