Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the Garden

I had to run out in the rain to get pictures of my clematis and larkspur this morning. I was afraid if I didn't do it now they would be gone by the time I remembered again. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, weeding, transplanting and trimming my plants. I love this time of year in Texas.

This rose, which is on my arbor is already done with its big show. It has one good bloom and the subsequent flowers are smaller and more sparse. I love it when the first bloom comes out though.

I have my veggies and just need to get them in the ground.

We have prepped this triangle for new grass and are going to go with Zoysia from seed. We couldn't find sod without having to purchase an entire palette. I guess Zoysia is not used too often around here, but Frank loves it and its supposed to do well, so we are going with it.

I hope you are enjoying your spring and your garden, yard, or whatever outdoor space you love.
I will be away from here for the weekend celebrating Frank's birthday and Easter with my niece Karlie Rose.


Tonya Littmann said...

I love the feel of your photos. What software did you use?

Ashley said...

Thanks Tonya. These were taken on my iphone with the Hipstamatic app. I usually use the John S lens and the Ina's 1935 film. It's a lot of fun!

La Alicia said...

gorgeous shots! happy easter!