Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday Roundup

My dad's birthday was earlier in April and we had a fish fry with friends at my parent's house. Here are all the kiddos singing Happy Birthday to him.
Happy Birthday Pops!

I made the Carrot Cake (of course) and it was delicious as usual. I doubled the recipe without writing down the amounts (don't do that) and messed up the first batch, which included 8 eggs, yikes. Luckily we had enough ingredients to make another doubled batch, and mom saved the day on the messed up one. I had added too much flour and realized it before I added the carrots because it was thicker than it should have been. She added a whole can of crushed pineapple (and left out carrots), with the juice and we baked it in a sheet pan. It had to cook for a loooong time because it had so much liquid, but didn't burn and actually came out delicious. We saved that one for our trip to San Antonio the next weekend.
Anyways, the real Carrot Cake came out great and with a double batch I did a three layer square cake using 9x9 pans and had enough for some cupcakes too.
Everyone loved it!

Frank turned 38 this past Saturday and we have had a week of celebrations. Last week I made a deal with him, Indian buffet for lunch and then a nice bike ride on the Trinity trail in the evening. I don't do buffets too often, but it sure was good and here is Frank eating the Rice Pudding dessert, the best part!

Our bike ride was fabulous, the weather perfect and the sunset beautiful!

We went to Austin and Wimberley for the weekend to be with my family.
Frank is hard to surprise and I had decided to get him a Smoker BBQ Pit for his birthday. He hadn't specifically asked for one, but I knew he would be into it. My dad is a BBQ master and has a huge smoker on a trailer, so he knew what to get. I put together a big bag of BBQ accessories to give him so he would figure out the big gift. It had a tool kit, charcoal chimney, glove and what has turned out to be the best book, Smoke and Spice. Before he opened that bag of gifts, my dad was hooking his empty trailer up to his truck and Frank asked why. Dad told him we were going to get his bday gift and needed the trailer but Frank didn't believe him. When he realized dad wasn't kidding he was bewildered.
Yes, I pulled off a big birthday surprise!

We will be breaking it in this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and I made a batch of Carrot Cake cupcakes to take to Frank's mom's for his birthday dinner there a couple of nights ago. Everyone loved them and I froze the extras so that I wouldn't gobble them down, I've only had the one at his mom's so that seems to be working.

Mom's birthday is coming up and I'm itching to try baking something other than Carrot Cake. Sorry mom, you might have to branch out this year.

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Connie said...

Something REALLY chocolaty will be great. We've got Mother's day first and I'm hungry for Mexican.