Monday, March 14, 2011

Pollo and Salsa Verde

One of our favorite take out meals is from a local place called Pollo Regio. The menu is pretty extensive and definitely has other options besides Pollo, but we always get the same thing, the Medio Pollo meal. It is half of a roasted chicken, a roasted whole onion, charro beans, spanish rice, corn tortillas, and the most delicious green salsa that I am obsessed with. I have written about this meal and particularly the salsa before.

I got the notion to finally attempt to make the salsa at home. I searched around online for recipes, calling it "creamy green salsa", as I don't know a proper name for it. I'm not sure what part of Mexico, or anywhere else it comes from either. Of course Pollo Regio won't give up their recipe! I found recipes that used either Serrano or Jalepeno peppers, mayonaise or Mexican crema and chicken stock to thin it. Sounds odd, I know. Some recipes include avocados. I started throwing stuff into a belnder, starting with 5 or 6 Serrano peppers, mayo and chicken stock. WAY TOO HOT!

creamy green salsa

I dumped probably half of that out and added avocados, and more of the stock and mayo. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't great either. It wasn't what I was going for. I did figure out that the version I want does not have avocado, because this one started turning brown after sitting on the counter for just a short time. I'm thinking, Serranos (maybe 2), Mexican Crema and Chicken stock are the way to go. I have been meaning to try that out but haven't done it yet. I will let you know if that combo comes up with what I'm craving.

The green salsa attempt led us to recreate this whole meal at home. We made Fideo in place of the Spanish rice. Frank makes this really well and I will try to share a recipe soon.
homemade fideo

We roasted a chicken with an Achiote and Orange Juice Rub. Yum!
I'm sorry, I can't find the recipe that I used and I'm bummed about that because this was good.
roast chicken and onion

We also had our Frijoles Charros, which are always a favorite and I try to keep a batch in the freezer at all times.


La Alicia said...

that looks delish! maybe the green sauce also has tomatillos in it?

a recipe I have tried to recreate is the black bean dip from Gloria's. haven't conquered it yet, but it's addictive! :)

Ashley said...

Alicia, I don't think the original has tomatillos, it doesn't have that tangy flavor. It is just very smooth and creamy.

I love that bean dip from Glorias! Now I'm getting hungry.

Rat Trap Press said...

I eat at Pollo Regio on ocassion, I usually order the pork tacos. I don't know the name of the green salsa, it's not something me or my wife had growing up in the Valley.

I love fideo! My grandmother's chicken with fideo was fantastic! She's over 100 years old and stopped cooking long ago. I think the cast iron pan she used had much to do with great flavor of her food.