Thursday, January 13, 2011

Before and After

My former computer "desk" was actually intended to be a sideboard for our dining room. Actually, originally when my dad made it in the mid 80's it was going to be the bottom half of a gun cabinet. I painted it and put in some tiles that were on hand several years ago and brought it home from my parents' garage. After moving my computer to its proper desk we decided we really wanted to redo this cabinet.
We ordered penny round black tiles and picked a lovely green paint. With Frank home this week we tackled this project and are really happy with the outcome.

Frank took these progress pictures with his phone.
Laying out the tiles

Grouting, we went with black grout

Prepping for paint

Sideboard redo

And Tada.....
Finished with new tile and paint!

Finished with new tile and paint!
I love, love, love the outcome! Frank loves the black tile, black grout and the green paint. This may be the first thing where we agreed on everything in a home decorating project. All it needs now is some door pulls, and I'm thinking black glass handles like these.


Karen said...

That is a beautiful piece! You should submit it to Apartment Therapy. Nice work!

Funky Finds said...

Looks terrific!