Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Playing Around

I have serious love for Noro as I have stated here before. I can't however afford to make a whole afghan from it. I found this new-ish yarn at Joann and decided to try it out, I did have a coupon after all! It is called Amazing and is from Lion Brand. I started on a giant rectangle Granny just to see how it would work up. I love the colors and don't mind the finished product, however I'm not crazy about the way it feels when you are working with it.

The quilt under the crochet is new to me from my grandmother, Amma. She has been gone for 9 years now and my aunt gave me this at Thanksgiving. It isn't really my color, but it is soft as can be and reminds me of her, so I love it!
Giant granny blanket
This project is on hold for now as I have Christmas to think about, and this blanket to finish (only two square left!).

Speaking of blankets, it is sleepy cuddly time around here. Lucy only really cuddles willingly in the winter time, so we look forward to chillier weather for that reason alone.