Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving and Art

I'm off, so I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am spending time with lots of family and dear friends tomorrow. I have always loved Thanksgiving. I love the baking and cooking, and the eating. I love that it is festive but not as stressful as Christmas. I love spending time with my closest family and friends. And I love this time of year! I feel like I missed some beautiful weather while I was in California, but it has continued to be a beautiful fall. I hope to get out and take a hike in the woods soon and enjoy the changing leaves and brisk fall air.

I am making this Almond Toffee Tart from Our Best Bites for Thanksgiving again this year. It was a big hit last year and so easy to make! I highly recommend this recipe!

Don't forget to come join the festivities and shop some great art this weekend at Eye of the Dog in San Marcos if you are in the area. I'm sharing a booth with Clare Buck and it should be a fun event.

Sleeping Dog Studios are home to Beverly and Billy Ray Mangham, who are amazing artists and all around awesome people. The fact that they are in San Marcos is one of the things that makes my parents moving there okay with me. I mean, I can't be too upset about them moving away when there is so much great stuff in that area, right?


andrea said...

oh my that tart looks yummy! Have a great Thanksgiving.

La Alicia said...

I wish you many happy sales in San Marcos! That tart looks delish! I may have to make that one for Christmas this year! :)