Monday, August 16, 2010

A wonderful weekend and back to work

working on a custom collage pedant

Narrowing down the choices

I'm starting on a custom collage pendant for a wonderful customer today. The first image above is the selection of gemstones that I first showed her based on her color preferences. I found the grouping of stones to be beautiful and inspiring, so I thought I would share. The second image is what she narrowed her choices down to. I think this will be a beautiful pendant. I'll try and get a picture before I send it off in the mail.

Frank and I had a wonderful weekend starting with him getting off early on Friday. We spent the afternoon window shopping in Dallas at antique/junk shops and had a great dinner. We got to visit a friends shop called Dolly Python, which was our favorite of the day.

Saturday we spent time with some of our favorite people and I passed along a china doll that was I cherished as a child to their daughter. The doll reminded me of her every time I looked at it, and I thought she would love it.

Sunday we got up and headed out to the flea market right away. With the temperature topping out at 105 lately we knew we had to get there early. I'm so happy we did because I scored two awesome deals. I'll post pictures later today of my finds.


Kathy Marie said...

I'm so excited about your pendant design. Consider yourself commissioned to do one for Karen with peridot. Is there another stone for August? I'll talk to you, and KP can put her 2 cents in also.

Ashley said...

I would love to do a mother's pendant for Karen! See you Friday Grammy.

Jewelry Modesto said...

Thanks for the info, I really appreciate about your work and collection was awesome.