Monday, August 16, 2010

Those treasures that I spoke of

Check out my new light fixtures. I scored these two babies at the flea market yesterday morning. These made my day. I'm going to paint the second one and they will both go in the front room/made over office. Frank isn't happy with the yellow, in fact he thinks it is hideous. I love it and hope to win him over. I'm hoping I can find this paint in lagoon for the second light.


Karen said...

I heart the yellow!

Ashley said...

Karen, I'm glad you agree! So far all of my girl friends have loved it. Frank might just have to live with it ;)

Kylee Jayne said...

Loving the yellow !! I am in the midst of repainting my laundry and have the same yellow for a couple little trims here and there, hubby hates it but oh well not like he is ever in the laundry anyways !! lol ;))