Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My new, old locker basket

I have been looking for a vintage locker basket for storage near my desk. I found just what I was looking for Sunday at Uncommon Objects. I am going to try to centralize all my shipping supplies, business cards, etc on the shelves behind my desk. I have looked at some organizing and office supply type stuff and it just felt too matchy-matchy. I hope to find enough vintage storage items so that I don't have to go to the container store!

The dogs were really excited to see us Sunday night. Our good friend Robin took care of them, but it is still nice to be missed! Lucy cuddled up with Frank and I and we didn't even have to force her to do so.
We had our friend John over for True Blood and Entourage and it was nice to be home.

She is happy we are home!

lucy really wants some chips John!

malty on her bed

ETA: I just found this vintage and antique shopping guide for Austin via the Uncommon Object website.


Amanda Conley said...

I just had my eye on a set of vintage locker baskets, but they disappeared of the Etsy shop they were in before I could buy them!(but they weren't sold, so maybe the seller decided they were to good to sell. =( boo. )
Great find!

Ashley said...

Amanda, I think we do have similar styles. I love your house from what I have seen on flickr!