Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Docs

We have seen some great documentaries lately, both streaming on netflix and on HBO. The first one is on netflix and is called Pressure Cooker. It is about a culinary arts program that awards college scholarships to kids in Philadelphia. The class that is featured has a strong and sometimes harsh teacher, but you can tell she cares about her students and wants the best for them. This documentary had us invested deeply in the three main characters and it is a very inspiring movie. You can learn more about the movie and the culinary arts program here.

We caught A Small Act on HBO last weekend. It is about a village in Kenya and the struggles of the school children there. One of villagers was sponsored by a Swedish woman to go to secondary school when he was a child. He went on to study at Harvard and work for the UN. He and other Kenyans, including his cousin, created an organization that gives scholarships to the top students from the area. This documentary is also very moving and inspiring.

This weekend we watched 180 Degrees South on netflix. This adventure doc about mountain climbing and surfing follows a trip of a lifetime to Patagonia. This one has a great soundtrack and is beautifully shot and once again you become invested in the lives of the characters.

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Thanks for the recommendations!