Monday, May 31, 2010

In a remodeling mood

We have been in our house for almost 9 years. There have been periods of remodeling and fixing up stuff, but I haven't tackled any projects this year. I am in the mood though, and started stripping the inside of our old wooden windows in the bedroom this weekend. It will be an ongoing project. The windows need to be resealed badly and the paint was chipping off and moldy, yuck. That is no fun, and though the end product will look nice, it won't be noticable. What I really want to do is paint and spruce up our dining room. I have been wanting a new light fixture above the dining table for ages and am really liking these two (and their budget friendly prices) from Ikea. Click on the image to go to the source. Not sure if Frank will go for either one of these, but I love their shapes and textures!


Gali said...

A friend of mine has that first lamp (I took a photo of it a while back here:, it's rather neat in person but it sure takes up a lot of space! And it also creates way too many funky shadows if the lamp is too bright. It's a great thing to have in a room where you don't do much reading or eating it seems.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the info. I had a feeling it was really big. I think I saw it in a magazine. We don't use the light in that room a lot, so that might be okay.

penelope said...

good job ash!!! that 's a crappy job and i guess you're the someone who gets to do it......nice going on starting it!