Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lucy sings to the harmonica


Laura and Russ of Path Less Pedaled rolled into Fort Worth on their bikes on Sunday. We have been enjoying getting to know them and are excited to have them here. Russ plays harmonica and Lucy accompanies him in this video that our friend John took. Laura is a jewelry maker too and we have had a little studio time together. The two of them are giving a presentation about their travels this evening at the new Trinity Bicycles on Main Street. I'll get some pictures to post soon. Russ is a photographer, so I'm sort of nervous to take out my camera!


connie akers said...

I vote for Russ's playing over Lucy's singing.

Beth Cyr said...

ha ha! love that! how fun that they are staying with you guys. nice for laura too that she can have some jewelry time!