Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Frank!

Today is my honey's birthday! If you have ever met Frank, even for a second, you know that I am a lucky girl. When my best friends' mom met him for the first time she only spoke to him briefly. She told me afterwards, "Frank is so nice!". You can just tell he is a good guy, maybe it is that smile? I love him to death and I know how lucky I am. Frank came with me this past weekend and spent the whole time at my show, which was really awesome and generous of him. He has worked so hard this semester, going to college for the first time and working, and I am so proud of him. We have been busier than ever and stressed lately, but there is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with my honey. So Happy Birthday Frank and thanks for being such a wonderful guy! I hope you know how much I love you.

us last weekend in Wimberley

my parent's new place in Wimberley

Oh, and now I've got to go grocery shopping so I can make that carrot cake for Frank.


ArtAfterDark said...

Happy Birthday Frank! Eat an extra piece of carrot cake for me! I love the stuff! Looks like your folks will need a herd of goats to clear the underbrush on their new dream property! I grew up in Austin so I know how nice that area is! Have done the art shows in Wimberley. So much fun!

Connie said...

We love him too. Happy Birthday Frank

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Frankie Doodle Dandy! We love you too!

Jeff Hunt said...

I know how lucky you are, indeed. I've known Frank since "way back in the day," i.e., early '90s. It sounds like he's the same awesome (and hilarious, I'd add) guy. Happy bday, foo!

Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

Happy Birthday Frank!