Monday, March 22, 2010

I made bagels!

I was inspired by Soule Mama to attempt bagel making this weekend. You know I have been on the whole Artisan bread in five minutes per day kick. I still don't have the book, but just discovered they have a website and the bagel instructions are there. I followed their suggestion to use the master recipe, and by now I know it by heart.

Following the instructions I formed balls of dough, let them rise for twenty minutes and then formed the rings.
I had my poppy seeds and a flour dusted towel ready to go.
I boiled the bagels for 2 minutes, then flipped and boiled another minute.
My poppy seed bagels/first batch.
You are probably thinking, those look a little flat and maybe that they have too many seeds. Well, straight from the hot oven with cream cheese on top they were great. This morning however, Frank and I had a comical time eating hard, cracker like "bagels". I just had to try again with the dough that was left, and I am glad I did because I think I learned what I had done wrong the first time.

I think the instructions left out a second rising after forming the rings of dough (other recipes that I looked at called for this). It was a cold day so mine took quite a while to rise. I also doubled the size of the bagels and did not stretch the holes as wide. I think if they were rising more the large holes would be okay because they would shrink back up. I didn't worry as much about how long I boiled them (no timing it) and may have boiled for a shorter time. I added more water to the pan in the oven this time, the instructions don't specify how much. I baked them for about half the time of the first batch. The instructions say 25-30 minutes, which I did on the first and the second batch was more like 13-15 minutes. They probably could have gone a few minutes longer, but I would rather have them on the soft side than cracker like. I still haven't perfected bagel making by any means, but now that I worked out my mistakes I will be likely to try again. This is definitely a weekend activity, and much more time consuming than the 5 minute per day concept.
Frank had requested cinnamon and sugar on the second batch, good call Frank!
You can see here the difference in my first and second batches.

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andrea said...

WOW! I can't believe you made bagels. I want to try that now. I've been on a bagel eating kick lately.

(I love my earrings-wore them all weekend. Thank you!)