Monday, March 15, 2010

Good to know

The five minute bread can be made with goodies such as cranberries and walnuts. I made two plain loaves last week at my parent's house in anticipation of company. They both liked it and both requested a loaf with cranberries and walnuts so I tried it. I made half a recipe and added one cup each of dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. I added them when I made the dough. It turned out oh so delicious. The only loaf that hasn't turned out too well for me was one I tried to make with half whole wheat flour. I think I need to try that again though.

I'm sure there is a lot of information out there about this recipe, there are two books for goodness sake. I'm just using the basic recipe and experimenting with it. I'm thinking of trying one with cheese and chiles next.

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Stacie @ said...

I've been making that bread- family loves it. I haven't tried the whole wheat flour yet. Although my boys don't care for walnuts- I will definitely be adding cranberries to the next batch!!! Yum! Thanks for the great idea. ;-)