Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recovery time

I'm back home from my show in Austin (and third weekend in a row there). It has been a crazy few weeks and we are recovering now on multiple levels. I didn't have time to share my clumsiness last week, but I burnt my poor fingers on the stove and that wasn't fun. They are better now, and thanks to Mom's advice to hold them in COLD water until the burning stopped, the pain was not nearly as bad as I expected.

Frank went down to Austin with us this time. Unfortunately our old dog Malta got sick on Saturday and Frank had to go home early to take care of her. We are lucky to have our wonderful friends, John, Robin and Chase who hung out with Malta while we were away and let us know what was going on. The vet diagnosed Malta with Vestibular disorder, which occurs often in old dogs and affects their balance. The symptoms were head leaning to one side, not able to walk straight, and eyes darting back and forth. Malta is on four medications and luckily on the mend now. I'm not ready to face the fact that my baby is aging, and with her being 14 I guess I better do that soon.

Mom and I shared a booth at Cherrywood and, true to its reputation, it was a wonderful show. I highly recommend this show for both artists and shoppers alike! Unfortunately I am so behind on my Christmas preparations that I wasn't even organized enough to do any shopping of my own at the show. I did do a couple of great trades though!
Mom sold scarves, needle felted pouches and more.
My niece Karlie showing off one of mom's crocheted head bands.
Mom in our booth.

Here is our booth layout. We had a 10x10 indoor booth (thank goodness). We used the tent as our framework and it worked out really well.

We had a super foggy drive home from Austin yesterday morning!

Malta after medications, relaxing in the sun.

So, I'm recovering from my burnt fingers, three busy weekends in Austin, two Holiday shows in a row, and finally from a long lasting cough. Frank and I are recovering from worrying about Malta, and Malta is on her way back to normal.

Cleaning up and putting our house back in order will probably take longer than I would like, and Christmas? I have barely started. I thought I was doing so well, making presents back in September. Then I got sidetracked by work and shows, and now, 10 days left. I will be busy crocheting, and more for the next week and will post pictures of my creations as soon as I can.

I hope you are enjoying this festive time of year!

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Kimberly D. said...

Ouch I hate burns! That stinging pain is the worst. Hope you recover quickly!