Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Self striping yarn

I attempted a last minute yarn dye job last week. This yarn was for a gift that I wanted to knit up. Not a good idea to try all this at the last minute when I was already busy with jewelry and Christmas shopping. My idea was to try dyeing yarn that would be self striping. I found several tutorials online, including this one. I didn't get super technical with measuring. Basically I just wanted the yarn to make stripes instead of just being mottled. I wound a super long skein like the tutorial shows. Altogether I am happy with the yarn, though it is not exactly what I had in mind, and so it goes with food coloring dyes. This was also my first attempt at dyeing with Wilton's Icing dyes. Basically the same process as Kool-Aid, but you have to add vinegar. What I didn't realize is that brown is hard to achieve! My brown ended up more red than I wanted. I will still use this yarn for something in the future, and actually learned a lot from this process, however ill timed it was.

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La Alicia said...

what's that saying? live and learn! yes, sometimes the learn pops up at the least convenient of times! :) It happens to us all. I think the yarn is really pretty!