Friday, August 21, 2009

Julie and Julia

I took Wednesday off and met mom and her cousin Judy in Southlake to see Julie and Julia. I had actually asked mom if she wanted to see it this past weekend, but she was a step ahead of me and had already made plans. I knew Frank wouldn't want to see it, though I will probably convince him once it comes out on dvd. As I expected it was a wonderful movie. On the drive home I thought a lot about the themes that I took from it and how they apply to my life. To me the movie was really about following your dreams, finishing what you start and enjoying life. While I am probably closer in temperment to Julie Powell, I can strive to be more joyful like Julia Child.

I saw Julia Child once in the Peabody hotel in Memphis!
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Ian said...

I remember that Julia Child sighting. I was there too!

Lynette said...

I really want to see this!!!